Hug Minutes 08.12.08

Kerry Conner, Alan Flynn, Phil Patterson, Jeff Sayer, Gene de Marco, Robert Thurston, Trevor McKeown, Hughan McKay, Tom Williams

MINUTES FROM 10th November 2008
Read by Phil Patterson, Kerry Conner moved the minutes be accepted as a true and correct record, seconded Robert Thurston

• Robert Thurston to follow up on the removal of Alan McGuiness’ cars.
• Jeff Sayer has determined the telephone pole by Craig Stobb’s hanger is no longer required and is  able to be buried.
• Kerry is to ask Tony Heyward to formally notify SVAS of the changes to the mowing procedures if  these are to be implemented immediately.
• Contact persons names, gate numbering, softly, softly approach to council all deferred to general  business.

• Alan Flynn has had a 1000 litre water tank donated from Paul Walker (Civil defence). All the  equipment to get this tank operational as a first response grass fire fighting appliance for the  aerodrome as approx $1500.00 (Alan is still waiting for full confirmation of this and the equipment  required and will forward to Kerry on receipt). It was decided to keep this appliance more for  fighting possible grass fires and that it be kept private rather than public to reduce the amount of  red tape. More work it to be carried out regarding this matter.
• Mike Bennett sent an e-mail asking if the HUG would be raising the issue of a lack of advanced  notification to user’s of the development work being carried out. It was decided that notification  with sufficient prior notice was impossible due to the nature of the work being carried out and the  problems encountered with the work.
• Mike Bennett also asked if the HUG were going to organise a “User’s BBQ”. Kerry is to follow this up  with Andrew Denniston.

• The Council Meeting held earlier on the 8th meant no formal minutes had been written, but Kerry  outlined the main points covered.

Matters Arising from the Minutes
• Tony Heyward made the comment during the meeting that he “has received no applications to build a  hanger on the aerodrome in the last 12 months.” Alan Flynn is to put a note on the website asking  for expressions of interest in building a hanger on the aerodrome. The group will then pass these  expressions onto the council.
• Kerry is to add David Hopman to the e-mailing list

• The Met Service hopes to have the Automatic Weather Station installed in Masterton by February 2009.  Once this weather station is operational, the Munro System is to be removed. The general feeling  from the group is that this would be a safety concern due to the high numbers of user’s that rely on  this System for information. For $50 / month cost to the council is seems removal of this system for  the number of people using it would be adverse to safety.
o The Wairarapa Ruahine Aero Club, Ace Aviation and Wellington Skydive will be asked to send a letter  to the Council voicing their concern as to the removal of this system.
o Kerry Conner is to make enquires with the Met Service as to the possible donation of the system to  the HUG. Tom Williams will also make enquires through his contacts if Kerry does not get any  response.

• The BP Fuel pump is to be moved towards the existing Jet A1 fuel pump, with a hard stand 20m in  width on the runway side and grass on the hanger side. If this occurs it will remain in this  position for at least 5 years. This move will be completed when the council and ‘The Vintage  Aviator’ have signed an agreement.

• Phil Patterson and Gene de Marco are to ask the approval of the following people for their names to be forwarded to Emergency Services as a contact person on the aerodrome.
o Kerry Conner  (Day)
o Sara Randle  (Day and Night)
o David Cretchley (Day)
o Tony Laing  (Day)
o Mac McCarthy (Night)
o Robert Thurston (Day)
o Jeff Sayer  (Police Liaison)
o Gene de Marco (Weekends)

• Tom Williams pointed out that Phil Patterson is the liaison person between SVAS and users for the  airshow. If user’s have any concerns they are to contact Phil to discuss.

• Next HUG meeting is to be held at the Wairarapa Ruahine Aero Club Rooms, 12th January 2009 at 1900  hours

Meeting closed 2033 hours.