About Us

Hood Aerodrome is a fantastic community owned facility located in a large valley free from lower level controlled airspace restrictions, catering for the local Hood Aerodrome and wider Wairarapa aviation needs, along with being an ideal stop off or transit airfield for pilots flying in the lower North Island of New Zealand.

Hood Aerodrome is the home to multiple collections of extremely rare aircraft that are flown on a regular basis (including the NZ Sport and Vintage Aviation Society, the Vintage Aviator Limited, and the Old Stick and Rudder Co.), and is also the home for the World class biennial Wings Over Wairarapa air show, one of the premier aviation events in the Southern Hemisphere.

This website represents part of a promotional strategy by the Hood Users Group (HUG) to promote Hood Aerodrome locally, nationally, and internationally, as one of the finest rural airfields in the World. The HUG was reformed at the beginning of 2008 from the previous Hood Aviation Advisory Group, with the election of additional members to better represent the current mix of users on the airfield. HUG is a voluntary group who rely on the support of everyone who enjoys Hood Aerodrome and the close working relationship with the Masterton District Council, who administer the airfield on behalf of the Masterton community.

We would like to thank our website sponsors Trust House, and Technology Solutions for their support.

Any requests for information or for adding upcoming events etc. to this website should be emailed to davidhayes@mstn.govt.nz  or by contacting one of the Hood User Group reps, whose details can be found on the Contact us page.

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