Landing Fees

Landing Fees

General aviation aircraft not using the terminal, sealed taxiway and apron (deemed to be under 5,201kg)
(GST excl)
(GST include)
Cash or Qtrly
Pre-Pay (GST free)
and helicopters
$5.00 $5.75 $5.00
601-1,500 $10.00 $11.50 $10.00
1,501-3,000 $15.00 $17.25 $15.00
3,001-4,500 $20.00 $23.00 $20.00
4,501-5,200 $25.00 $28.75 $25.00


  1. The above Daily charges per aircraft for 5 or less landings within the day.
  2. The 6th & following landings per aircraft within the day are charged at 20% of the Daily Minimum.
  3. Hot air balloons will be charged a launch fee or a landing fee, but not both, equivalent to the landing fee for helicopters.
  4. A $10.00 Administration Charge applies to all invoices less than $20.00 per month.
  5. A tow plane and glider will be charged for the tow plane only.
  6. “Touch and go” practice landing circuits will be charged as one landing only.

A discount for general aviation aircraft equivalent to GST will apply for the following:

  1. Cash on the day (honesty box).
  2. Pre-payment quarterly in advance.
  3. Self generated schedule of landing charges by large volume users.

Scheduled and chartered services
It is assumed that aircraft larger than 5,200kg will use the sealed runway, sealed taxiway and apron. Terminal charges are excluded.
Per Landing (GST excl)
5,201-5,999 $65.00
6,000-9,999 $70.00
10,000-14,999 $120.00
15,000-19,999 $170.00
and over

Parking Fee
For long term stays (one month or longer) or local aircraft parked on land that is not leased: $45 per month plus GST or $500.00 per annum plus GST per aircraft.

Domiciled Aircraft
Users of aircraft domiciled at the airport (with the exception of commercial operators who operated scheduled services) and other regular aerodrome users may pay the following annual fees in lieu of landing charges.

Annual landing fee
Helicopters and Microlights $80.00 plus GST per aircraft.
Individuals and Non-Commercial Owners $160.00 plus GST per aircraft.
Commercial Operators $480.00 plus GST per aircraft.
Model Aircraft Club $320.00 plus GST for all aircraft.
TVAL $960.00 plus GST for all aircraft.
NZSVAS and OS&R $480.00 plus GST for all aircraft.
Wairarapa Amateur Aviation Group $480.00 plus GST for all microlights.